At Callisia, we provide bespoke heating installations for all types of commercial and public premises, using our mechanical engineering expertise to integrate your system with ventilation and air conditioning, for a complete and convenient service.

Bespoke Heating Systems

With experience in both design and installation, we create cost-effective, energy-efficient and sustainable systems including boilers, radiators and associated equipment. As an independent business, we draw our technologies from market leading suppliers, carefully chosen to meet your budget, footprint, and performance requirements.

Specialist Heating Solutions

We can also provide a range of specialist heating applications:

  • Steam and water plate heat exchangers
  • Calorifiers
  • Warm air heating systems
  • Electric, gas, or LPHW coils
  • Fan convectors

Please speak with one of our friendly advisers for more information.

Advanced Sustainable

The equipment we use on heating installations incorporates the latest green and energy-saving technologies, to reduce costs, minimise downtime, and maximise your ROI over your installation’s life-cycle.

Condensing Boilers

Smart building management systems to improve energy efficiency
Our heating systems can be integrated with green energy technology, including ground or air source heat pumps, solar panelling etc.

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