At Callisia, we provide a variety of bespoke ventilation systems for all types of commercial, public and industrial buildings, including factories and workshops, offices, restaurants and catering facilities, hospitals, shops, schools and colleges.

We offer an end-to-end service, starting with detailed technical design, through installation, and ongoing technical support and maintenance. In the process, we work with some of the world’s best manufacturers of ventilation equipment to build a customised solution around your performance requirements, building layout, and budget. Each system includes attenuation and full controls.

Independent Expertise

We are an independent business, working with a range of ventilation suppliers. For our customers this offers superior choice and flexibility, and enables a personalised approach drawing from the most appropriate solutions for your building. All duct systems are made-to-measure to suit the project requirements, and as much pipework and ducting as possible is prefabricated off-site, to minimise installation time and disruption.

Our engineers are experienced in designing a variety of ventilation systems, which can be used singularly, in combination, or integrated with your heating system:

  • Positive pressure systems
  • Negative pressure systems
  • Kitchen exhaust extraction systems
  • Fresh air systems
  • Toilet/sanitation extraction systems
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