Our Callisia plumbing and water services team are experienced in designing bespoke sanitation systems for various commercial, industrial and public buildings. Whether you need a straightforward system for your toilets, or a specialist processing system for industrial feed water, sewage, or contaminated water, we can design a system that exactly meets your needs.

Our goal with each project is to create a clean, safe and dependable sanitation system that efficiently processes grey water and black water, while avoiding contamination with potable water systems.

Fast Installation

Pipework is made-to-measure and prefabricated off-site, which minimises installation time and enables rapid completion on even the most complex of projects. We are happy to design you a sanitary system from the ground up for new builds and refurbishments, or retrofit and modify an existing network.

Our sanitary water systems include:

  • Pipework and ducting
  • Control, shut-off and safety systems
  • Water treatment and filtration plant
  • Drainage systems
  • Water pumps and storage tanks

We are a one stop shop for all plumbing and sanitation needs, with over 30 years’ experience in water treatment and hygiene for clients in various commercial and industrial sectors, as well as the public sector.

Bespoke Service

We give each client a personalised service with the same commitment to safety and quality, regardless of the complexity and size of the project. As an independent business, we are free to select high-quality components from a range of suppliers, giving you the latest in sustainable materials, efficiency and durability.

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